5 Things to Look For When Searching for a Semi Truck Repair Shop

Even the most novice semi truck driver knows that good, speedy repairs are critical. Getting back on the road as quickly as possible after a breakdown is a priority. Any delays can cause the transported items to arrive late, which can cost both you and the company money. But it’s not as simple as just rolling into your local repair shop. Not all mechanics are equipped with the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to handle a heavy-duty vehicle. That’s why it is so important to find a high quality company for semi truck repair in Alabama ahead of time. Check out these five traits to look for when seeking a repair center to serve your semi truck:

Services: Your normal auto repair shop isn’t equipped to handle a massive semi truck. Look for a service center specializing in working on semi trucks, buses, tractors, RV’s and other heavy-duty vehicles. This way, they will be more familiar with handling these high-powered machines and already have the necessary equipment on hand. The turnaround time will generally be quicker at these specialized shops, as well.

Availability: Accidents aren’t limited to a 9-to-5 business schedule. A high quality company will offer their services 24/7 because they understand you need to get back on the road quickly. Choosing a company like this will also provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will always be there when an emergency happens.

Background: Check out the company website or speak with the owner to gain a better understanding of the company. Ideally, this conversation or online research should easily convey their passion for the work. Additionally, you should use this opportunity to find out how long they have been in business in your area. A quality service center will have a positive history and reputation that they will want to continue to maintain through high quality service.

Check for certification: The shop’s mechanics should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, specifically in medium to heavy-sized trucks. Having this certification indicates the repair specialist is qualified to diagnose and repair diesel engines, the drive train, brakes, suspension, steering and the electrical systems.

Don’t choose solely based on price: While price might have an effect on your final choice, it should never be the single deciding factor. Look for a shop that offers affordable rates that are comparable to others in the area. Don’t just opt for the cheapest choice, as it likely also has the worst service. On the other hand, the most expensive won’t necessarily indicate the highest level of service.

Finding the top company for semi truck repair in Alabama doesn’t have to be a struggle. Choose the experts at Patterson Truck Parts and Equipment for speedy, high quality service at a reasonable price. Our skilled technicians have more than 28 years of combined service experience in diesel truck repair and are ready to handle all semi truck repair and service needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


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